Over the course of our time in Malawi and our experiences, we will use this space to cover topics such as global advances in agroecology, the climate crisis, good climate news, mobility, waste management, transculturality and inequality in an in-depth, informative and journalistic way. We would also love you to fill this space with your imagination, wit and knowledge. Get in touch with us to suggest other topics relevant to our shared journey of thinking about human development and caring for our planet.


  1. mr. ed

    As always, great to connect and get news about you guys. Fascinated by your website! Thanks for provididing to Carolina. As you know, we were in Blflds for about 5 weeks during July/ August’ 22. So, some updates…. We are very tranquilo,,, no more plasics in the bay, it is always picked up and recycled, Inpesca tore down the 2nd floor of the building along my linderes and all is clean and new. Miguel finished the house at Givenot Point and we even have sloths returning to my protected area. Fadcanic is gone. The govt has been using the bldg. The dock collapsed from a storm. Kerschel is well. Collecting breadfruit and painting the front fence.
    Nuna is sooooo grown! Amazing!

    Please stay on your missioin and keep yourselves healthy and safe. You have my envy for your courage and dedication!

    1. Hey Ed! Thanks so much for your comment, which encourages us a lot. Really great to hear that there is no more plastic in the bay of Bluefields, Nicaragua. That is really a big achievement! We miss Kershell and breadfruit! I hope you suscribed, so you do not miss any news 😉 Next chapter is coming sooooon!!!! Big hug to your wonderful family! <3

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