Our Earthview


Our Earthview


Promoting cooperation between organised civil society at a global level is key to addressing the greatest challenge in our history as humanity, climate change. With this cooperation, an increasingly resilient, informed and connected international civil...


Malawi, we don’t forget you – Crowdfunding Campaign

With this campaign we are trying to raise money and awareness for some of the most vulnerable people, who have not yet gotten any help... Read more "Malawi, we don’t forget you – Crowdfunding Campaign"

News: “Cyclon Freddy”

Cyclone Freddy passed over Malawi in mid-March 2023 destroying large areas and affecting thousands of lives. NUNANMAR reports, from their point of view, about this... Read more "News: “Cyclon Freddy”"

Chapter 2…

... or “privileged” living conditions in one of the poorest countries in the world. After sharing our first month in Malawi in the previous chapter.... Read more "Chapter 2…"

Chapter 1…

... or our first month in Malawi! One month ago today we were packing the last details before the big trip to this new world.... Read more "Chapter 1…"